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​I was born in Sydney, Australia to parents of mixed race from the Fiji Islands. After a childhood of very typical South Pacific upbringing (church, music, family and traditional culture) we moved to Newcastle, north of Sydney. I began to experiment with drink and drugs at the age of 14. By 16 I had joined my first working band and plunged into the music lifestyle. By 18 I was dabbling in all kinds of Spirituality. By 20 I was involved in Eastern Mysticism & Martial Arts. By the time I was 23 I had become addicted to drink, drugs, music and other spiritual practices.

Then a friend of mine had a radical overnight change of life. He went from suffering fear and anxiety attacks, coupled with drink and drug abuse, to being clean, clear and full of confidence and peace. He began to speak of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives and set people free from anything.

After months of showing me what the bible says about the condition of man and his need of forgiveness, I asked God to forgive me and come into my heart. The next day everything was different. I suddenly felt guilty for almost every aspect of the life I was living. For 3 months I tried to run from this conviction that was haunting my sinful actions. On the night of my 24th birthday I had a life changing personal experience with the living Lord Jesus Christ that inspired me to pour out all my alcohol, flush all my drugs and make the choice to surrender to His will and forsake mine. Six months later I married the girl who shared that incredible experience with me that night.

That encounter has not faded but instead, become more and more real ever since it happened. Since that time God has taken us on the most incredible journey we could ever have imagined.  We have had the privilege to Pioneer new churches both nationally and internationally, been assistant pastor in our mother church, evangelised around the world for 3 years and most recently, pastored the South Pacific missionary work in Suva Fiji.

It is an honour to be back in the office of Evangelist and play a part in the work God is doing in the earth in these last days.

My hope for the future is to see God save, heal, deliver, & baptise in Holy Ghost fire wherever I minister.

I pray He will use me to inspire people of every tribe, tongue and sub culture to glorify

His awesome name in the earth and fulfil His will until He returns.

Your prayers for my wife, children and this ministry are highly valued and appreciated.

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